Flower Vendor Saves Student

A 25 year-old Italian student was walking down the street one Saturday evening in downtown Florence, when she was suddenly approached by a group of 30 Italian men.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted details of the incident on the social media platform, Facebook. “I was walking down the street, it must have been about 11:30 pm. I like walking; I love Florence and the evenings. A group of drunken guys came up to me, shouting and messing around. They wanted me to go with them, as they would “show me a good time,” but when I tried to take myself out of the situation, it became ugly.”

Recalling the situation, the young girl remembers passers-by taking out their phones to call for for help while the guys threw drinks and spat at her.

It was, however, a man selling roses on the street who saw what was happening that stepped in.

After intervening, he gave her a tissue to wipe her tears and took her to a restaurant to offer her something to eat and drink. “He also brought me a towel to dry myself my tears and he gave me a rose as a gift. Not knowing how to thank him, I gave him one of my passport photos so that he could always remember the girl that he saved, because I will always remember his kind face as well.”

To read more in Italian visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.