Food and Crafts at ‘Enogastronomica’ 2022

May 13-15: Enogastronomica 2022, Food & Design; various locations.

Enogastronomica aims to, in three eventful days, celebrate the tradition of Tuscan cuisine in a varying, unprecedented venue; artisans’ workspaces. The current version of Enogastronomica has undergone a makeover, keeping the heart of its practice the same with a new and improved format. The food and wine component acts as a complement, with its inspiration centered on the significant artisan presence in the Tuscan region.

The range of locations offers a different and unique spin on presentation. This year, special events will be held at artisan shops and small to large companies which have never opened their doors to the public.

While observing each artisan’s craft come alive, guests can enhance their experience with the selected chef’s food and wine menu.

In total, 19 businesses in the greater Florence metropolitan area are set to each host an artisanal event alongside a dining experience, each being native to the Tuscan region. The shops include: Antica Occhialeria, Antico Setificio Fiorentino; Atelier Parfumerie; Bianco Bianchi; Fontani Scarperia; Il Bisonte, Alberto Cozzi Bindery; LAO, L’Atelier degli Artigianelli; LAO, Officina del Marmo; Antica Fornace Mariani; ManInArte; Memar; ND Dolfi; Savio Firmino; Scarpelli Mosaici; Scuola Diffusa Vicchio; Vetrate Polloni.

Collaborating with the artisans are local restaurants, including: Ristorante il Falconiere; Ristorante Cuculia; Ristorante Antica Porta di Levante; Mimesi; Essential; Sant’Elisabetta; Le Tre Rane Restaurant; Trattoria da Burde; Borgo Santo Pietro; Il Palagio; Maggese; Borgo San Jacopo; Se.Sto on Arno; Enoteca Pinchiorri; Al 588; Torre a Cona; PS ristorante; and La Leggenda dei Frati.

One of the last production centers for silk internationally is in the historic San Frediano Florence, Antico Setificio Fiorentino. Silk has been woven on Setificio’s looms since 1786. The center will host Chefs Riccardo Monco and Alessandro della Tommasina of the restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri or Chef Claudio Mengoni of the Borgo San Jacopo restaurant on separate occasions. The events are scheduled on Saturday, May 14 at 7 pm and Sunday, May 15 at noon, both on sale for €50; the public can make reservations online. Via Lorenzo Bartolini, 4, Florence.

Located in the heart of Florence’s historic city center is Il Bisonte, producing handmade leather goods and accessories since 1970. During the event, attendees learn about leather craft. On the same occasion, attendees can visit Il Bisonte’s next-door neighbor, bookbinder Alberto Cozzi, a firm established in 1908, also specializing in marble paper, a skill passed on throughout generations. Preparing the evening’s menu are Simone Cipriani of the Essenziale restaurant and Marco Migliorati of the SESTO On Arno Restaurant. Chef Cipriani will prepare creamed cod and chickpeas with a spicy Calabrian spread and a Jerusalem artichoke. Additionally, gelato of Vetulio Bondi from the Florentine Artisan Gelato Makers Association, wines, cheeses, and beer jellies will be available for the guests. On the other hand, Chef Marco will make a delicate rabbit dish with olives, truffle, and a potato puree. The event will take place Friday, May 13 at 6:30 pm for €35. Via del Parione, 31 e 35R.

Renzo Scarpelli opened his gallery and workshop, Scarpelli Mosaici, in 1972. He is famous for his technique of producing decor with metals and stone; his workshop is one of the five left globally to continue this historical artisanship. Chef Ariel Hagen from Borgo Santo Pietro and chef Rocco De Santis from Ristorante Santa Elisabetta provide the culinary experiences for these events. On the menu from Chef De Santis is a fish dish covered in a Bernese sauce, with a touch of lemon and an olive sauce. These experiences are offered on Friday, May 13 at 7 pm and Saturday, May 14 at 6:30 pm. Tickets for each are €35. Via Ricasoli, 59/R.

Bianco Bianchi is famous for creating scagliola, producing new pieces, and restoring old ones. Scagliola is the 16th-century inlay technique utilized to imitate marble and semi-precious stones. His children Alessandro and Elisabetta carry on the Tuscan tradition of creating interior designs and relics using the same methods. Alongside experiencing the craftsmanship of inlay techniques, guests can taste the work of Andrea Perini, Chef of the restaurant Al 588. His culinary creation of strawberries, fava beans, and pecorino is on the menu. Located at Via Lisbon, 4E – Pontassieve.

Memar, founded in 1903, prides itself in producing the straw of Florence with an intricate straw weaving method. What began as a model for French and English hat-makers in the 1900s is now a model for producing bags, hats, and other accessories of varying materials and methods. In conjunction with chef Maria Probst from the Torre a Cona Restaurant, she will serve her version of a “hat,” stuffed with potatoes, parsley, and cheese alongside artisanal beers, farm cheeses, and pastries. The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, at 5 pm. €25 cost. Located at Via della Casella, 51 / A – Florence.

The project is organized by Confesercenti Firenze in collaboration with the patronage of the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Florence, Vetrina Toscana, the Florence Chamber Commerce, and the CR Firenze Foundation and Assicoop Toscana. Leonardo Romanelli, journalist and expert food and wine critic, will introduce the events.

According to the event, prices vary from €20- €50. For more information on bookings, pricing, and events, visit  (gioia guarino)