Free Concert Honors Santa Croce Anniversary

Basilica di Santa Croce

Easter weekend has long passed, but religious celebrations continue in Florence in honor of the upcoming anniversary of Basilica di Santa Croce, founded on May 3, 1294 by Arnolfo Cambio. For the third year in a row, the so-called “Temple of Italian Glories” will celebrate this date with a free evening concert of classical music. The event will bring together Florentine pianist Gaia Federica Caporiccio, soprano Francesco Fedeli, Slovenian flutist Lara Salomon, saxophonist Diego Carretero and Italian clarinetist Ettore Biagi for a program combining famous and lesser known compositions by Puccini, Brahms, Saint-Saëns, and many others.

The concert, entitled “Incanto del Dolce sentire,” will additionally commemorate the eighth centenary of Blessed Umiliana de’ Cerchi (1219-1246). Born into a powerful Florentine family, Umiliana was known for her selfless works of charity towards the poor, despite being subject to the abuses of her much older husband. After his death in 1239, she defied her father’s wishes and devoted her life to the Franciscan church, becoming the first tertiary in Florence as part of the Third Order of the Santa Croce Basilica. She died at the young age of the 27 after suffering from serious illnesses which provoked a series of visions and ecstasies, and was not beatified until 1694 by Pope Innocent XII.

“Incanto del Dolce sentire” will take place this Friday, May 3, at 9 pm and will be free to the public while seats last. For more information, email (Lea Bourgade)