Free Florence Fitness Classes in Local Parks

For the seventh consecutive year, the Sports Department of Florence and UISP are partnering to offer residents free outdoor fitness classes. The initiative, which aims to promote physical fitness in all ages, was discontinued in 2020 due to the pandemic. The ease on COVID-19 guidelines, however, allowed the program to resume in June and continue throughout July and September.

The sessions will be offered to all ages at local public parks and green spaces. Professional UISP instructors will lead those in attendance through a “basic workout” that ranges in difficulty depending on fitness level. For those in shape, the workout is equivalent to a warm-up, and for senior citizens, the workout is tailored to stretching.

Since space is limited, each district will offer their own “outdoor gym” experience (for more information on locations and days visit UISP’s website or see below). The fitness classes will be active through July 31 and Aug. 31 to Sept. 4. To limit the amount of people crowded in the spaces, there will be two open time slots: from 9 am to 9:40 am and from 9:50 am to 10:30 am.

No ID or pre-registration is required, but space is limited. Those interested in the free sessions should show up and be ready to sweat.

Locations and days, according to districts (quartieri), are listed below. (rachel pellegrino)

District 1: Tuesday and Thursday at Ardiglione Garden (max. 25 participants) and Wednesday and Saturday at Prato del Quercione (max. 30 participants)

District 2: Tuesday and Thursday at Bellariva Garden (max. 30 participants) and Wednesday and Saturday at Cenacolo Gardens (max. 20 participants)

District 3: Tuesday and Thursday at Piazza Elia Dalla Costa Gardens (max. 20 participants) and Wednesday and Saturday at Viale Tanini Gardens (max. 25 participants)

District 4: Tuesday and Thursday at Boschetto Soffiano (max. 25 participants) and Wednesday and Saturday at Villa Vogel (max. 30 participants)

District 5: Tuesday and Thursday at Lippi Garden (max. 30 participants) and Wednesday and Saturdays at the Medaglie D’Oro Gardens in Novoli (max. 25 participants)