Halloween Fun & Games at the Children’s Lending Library Party


Photo by Breanna Assumma

Saturday, October 29: CHILDREN’S LENDING LIBRARY HALLOWEEN PARTY.  Garden and premises of the St. James American Church, via Rucellai 9. 4 to 6 pm.

Reservations recommended by emailing childrenslendinglibrary@gmail.com.

As Halloween creeps closer, another event is coming up to celebrate the spooky holiday. The Children’s Lending Library’s Halloween party will feature many activities to fit the scary atmosphere.

It’s the perfect festivity for kids to experience the eerie magic and wonder of Halloween, have the chance to celebrate the holiday, and learn what it’s all about.

The Halloween party will feature activities to reflect this, such as a haunted house, a way to get immersed in the spirit of the holiday that kids can experience.

There is also face painting and a costume parade so children can show off their imagination and creativity. The procession of little witches, ghosts, goblins, and more is sure to bring joy to everyone who misses Halloween while away from America.  Each child can also wander on the premises to trick or treat to collect candy, and there will homemade themed cupcakes and cakes available for all.

But no worries, they can work off their energy with crafts and other games, not to mention dancing, since it is a party, after all. The warmth and fun this night provides are essential as the chilly autumn air turns to winter. And of course, since it is a library, there will be readings at the party, a perfect balance of fun and education!

To enter, a family member must have or purchase a year’s Children’s Library membership (€15). To access the party, a family with one child only has to pay €3, and for a family with more than one child, €5.

The Children’s Lending Library was founded in 1973 by mothers. It is a primary source of books in English for expatriate resident families.

The ghostly holiday is one of the three events the Children’s Lending Library volunteers throw in a year for American families. The Children’s Lending Library also hosts a Christmas party and an Easter party with an egg hunt in addition to their Halloween festivities.

It will be held mainly in the garden of the Church of St. James, and since there are a limited number of people allowed, we recommend people reserve by the email provided above. If this party is fun for you and your family, consider donating €15 for a yearly membership, and get access to the other holiday parties also thrown by the Children’s Lending Library and many more perks.

So on Saturday, October 29, grab a friend, put on your scariest costume, and come on down to one of the best Halloween parties in Florence! (Isabella Azzaro)