Health and Herbs, October

In October, a month that transitions into fall, our bodies go through some seen and some unseen adjustments. One of the more recognizable changes reveals itself through the practice of a monotonous, everyday ta*IMG_6080sk – hair brushing. Similar to how a snake sheds its old skin, hair loss is common at seasonal crossroads it.

No need to worry, this year, when looking at the brush because Dr. Fernanda Russo has some simple suggestions for keeping this natural process at bay. Taking cysteine, an amino acid found in the grain millet and silicon, an antioxidant found in the horsetail plant, for a one-month cycle will restructure not only the keratin of hair but also that of nails and skin. Increased stress can worsen the problem— if you seem to find more hair than usual in your brush consider using a magnesium or vitamin B group supplement for extra support.

Dr. Fernanda Russo is the owner of Erboristeria Antica San Simona (Via Ghibellina 190/R). She studied both conventional and homeopathic medicine and has an extensive knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy. She graciously shares her knowledge through private consultations at her shop, which also sells teas, candles, incense, soaps, and much more.