Health & Herbs, March

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Spring! The sun! Last summer’s bikini? The arrival of spring may make you hyperaware of those pesky traces of cellulite you overlooked during the winter. By following some simple tips, anyone can be on their way to confidence this season.

Focusing on natural anti-cellulite remedies, our local erboristeria (organic pharmacy) owner, Dr. Fernando Russo from Erboristeria Antica San Simone, shares some insight. According to Dr. Russo, it is important to understand that cellulite develops over time and evolves its own characteristics.

Cellulite is generally classified into three groups: compact, soft, and inflamed. Compact cellulite is present mostly in the buttocks, thighs, and knee area and pulls the skin inwards to create those infamous dimples. Soft cellulite, which appears most often in the thighs and arms, is a result of broken connective fibers and can be accompanied by stretch marks. A result of compact cellulite’s progression over time, soft cellulite is most evident in women over 40. Inflamed cellulite is painful and often caused by insufficient circulatory flow.

Dr. Russo recommends a variety of herbal therapies that can lessen the appearance of cellulites. Drink two to four daily cups of herbal tea containing a mixture of blueberry (25g), Dog Rose (25g), Burdock Root (25g), Birch leaves (15g), and liquorice root (10g) for overall cellulite reduction.  Echinacea and Birch help the elasticity of skin and help drain unnecessary liquids from the body.

Dr. Fernando Russo is the owner of the Erboristeria Antica San Simone (via Ghibellina 190/r).  She studied both conventional and homeopathic medicine and has an extensive knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy.  Dr. Russo graciously shares her knowledge through private consultations at her shop, which also sells teas, candles, incense, soaps and much more.  For additional information, visit,