Health & Herbs, May

IMG_6080-copy-667x444During May, feeling bloated and sluggish happens in conjunction with the onset of warm weather. Blood vessels become markedly sticky and hinder circulatory flow in the spring and summer. Lymph nodes unfortunately fill with metabolic scum that slows natural bodily processes.

These ailments are easily curable, however, with just one stop at your local Erboristeria. To cleanse blood and lymph nodes from excessive fats and proteins, Dr. Fernanda Russo of Erboristeria San Simone suggests mixing a tea of 20ml olive (olea europea), 10ml rosemary, 10ml silver birch, and 10ml of maple. Drink 1 tsp. diluted in water three times daily for one month.

Dr. Russo is the owner of the Erboristeria Antica San Simone (via Ghibellina 190/r, Florence). She studied both conventional and homeopathic medicine and has an extensive knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy.  Dr. Russo graciously shares her knowledge through private consultations at her shop, which also sells teas, candles, incense, soaps and much more.  For additional information, visit