Health & Herbs, September

*IMG_6080 copy Summer is winding down, and now it’s back to school and work. Can you maintain that gorgeous summer tan while sitting behind a desk? Local pharmacist Dr. Fernanda Russo says you can. She advocates taking a Beta-Carotene compress once a day and exfoliating several times a week to make your glow last. After months in the sun, it is sometimes hard to re-enter the world of studies and work, so tiredness and sluggishness is a natural response. These ailments can be easily eliminated with the use of natural supplements like spirulina (an algae rich in protein, B vitamins, and Potassium) and Ginseng, which can be taken as a compress once a day.

Dr. Fernanda Russo is the owner of Erboristeria Antica San Simona (Via Ghibellina 190/R). She studied both conventional and homeopathic medicine and has an extensive knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy. She graciously shares her knowledge through private consultations at her shop, which also sells teas, candles, incense, soaps, and much more.