How to Stay Fit during the Covid 19 Quarantine

Most people by now are suffering from lack of exercise and fresh air due to the Coronavirus lockdown, a measure that has just been extended from to April 13 as announced by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.  He has also authorized children and teenagers to exercise or take a walk accompanied by one parent close to home.  Those lucky enough to have a terrace might enjoy the small amount of open space it affords, but there’s not much room for movement.  Having tried running up and down three levels of stairs 20 times, it can get one into the aerobic zone, but not the most satisfying workout.  Here are a few suggestions to get moving inside in order to stay fit during the Covid-19 quarantine.


When’s the last time you went out dancing?   Of course, that’s not possible at this time but for some “stay in dancing” put on some rock n’ roll or jitterbug music and move with the groove.  Not only does one get some good cardio exercise, you might even have another family member join in and, remember, nobody out of your home can see how badly you dance.

Daniella Ballerina teaches ballet lessons for toddlers and pre-school children.

Online Fitness Classes

Planet Fitness has begun offering free online 20-minute fitness classes on their Facebook page as well as on You Tube.

Nike Training Camp offers numerous free workouts, from yoga, to weight training to high intensity.  If a set of weights is not in the house, creative exercisers can use large tins of tomatoes or bottles of wine for weights.

This is a list of 50 free workout sources for staying in shape at home.

Maurice teaches kids, an energizing workout in 15 minutes is available at

Paolo Levi demonstrates a workout for primary school aged children in Italian.  The site offers “Thirty minutes of physical activity for children and adults who dare to challenge them.”


Yoga, mentally therapeutic as well as good exercise for stretching and flexibility, can be done in a small space on a mat, rug or blanket.  There are numerous free online yoga classes from beginners to advanced.

Yoga with Adriene has followers from all over the world with yoga for adults and children.

This site offers beginner, intermediate and advanced free yoga classes.

Sophia Khan teaches yoga for older children.

Here one can find free yoga classes and other games and activities for kids.

Kids of all ages enjoy family yoga beginning with animal poses downward dog, cat-cow and crow.  Kids Yoga in the Park is especially geared to ages 2-5.

Yoga per Bambini (In Italian) introduces children aged 3 and up to yoga using positions such as tree, dog, cat-cow and butterfly.

Yoga con Mamma (From 3 years)

Folks determined to keep as fit as possible can try some of these online programs and besides physical fitness, exercise boosts endorphins, our feel-good hormones.  (rita kungel)