January Films in English at the Odeon

A scene from ‘Cold War’

This month the Odeon Cinema offers a varied selection for filmgoers.  January begins with a tense drama set in post WWII Poland, Cold War.  Then the complicated life of post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh is explored with an award-winning portrayal of the artist by Willem Defoe.  The classic Hitchcock horror film The Birds shows for one night only.  Kapuscinski:  Another Day of Life documents a Polish journalist’s three-month journey through post-colonial Angola torn by war.  The month ends with screenings of Mary Queen of Scots, a costume drama set in the 16th century that illuminates the power struggle between Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I.  All films are screened in original language with Italian subtitles.

Sat. 5 and Sun. 6 (4, 5:45, 7:30 and 9:15 pm).  COLD WAR (ZIMNA WOJNA)

A complicated love story set in the iron curtain days of Poland after WWII which portrays two star-crossed lovers over three decades of struggle.  Pawel Pawlikowski won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for his depiction of the dual dimension of political and personal cold war.  Poland’s submission for Best Foreign Film in the 91st Academy Awards, the story is accompanied by a musical score of folk music, dance and propaganda extolling the praises of Stalin.

Tues. 8, (4 and 6:30 pm) and Thurs. 10, Fri. 11 and Sat. 12 (4, 6:30 and 9 pm).  VAN GOGH:  AT ETERNITY’S GATE 

Willem Dafoe portrays Vincent Van Gogh in this film comprised of scenes based on the life and mind of the tormented genius.  The artist’s letters serve as the basis for events and aspects of his life.

Tues. 8 (9 pm).  THE BIRDS

The restored version of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller stars Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren and Jessica Tandy.  A chilling story set in a Northern California town becomes bizarre when birds inexplicably begin to attack residents.

Wed. 16 (6:30 and 9 pm).  KAPUSCINSKI:  ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE

In a fusion of animation followed by interviews and live footage, a Polish reporter, Ryszard Kapuściński, documents a three-month trek across Angola.   In 1975, the country, ravaged by war, seems to revolve from one power struggle to another.

Fri. 25, Sat. 26, Sun. 27 (4, 6:30, & 9 pm) and Mon. 28, Tues. 29 (6:30 pm).  MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS

Mary Stuart, queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, resists her advisors’ appeals to remarry and returns to Scotland to claim her rightful throne.  With Mary portrayed by Saoirse Ronan and the part of Elizabeth I by Margot Robbie, the film sheds light on the relationship between the two queens.  An engrossing period drama complete with battle scenes, betrayals and sex delves into the deadly rivalry between two strong women vying for power.  Directed by Josie Rourke, the movie also stars Guy Pearce, Jack Lowden, Joe Alwyn and David Tennant.  (rita kungel)