July 23 National Decree: Covid ‘Green Pass ‘ Required for Social Activities

The greenery of the Boboli Gardens

The ‘Green Pass,’ also valid for travel within the EU, will be needed for indoor restaurant dining, working out at the gym, attending movie screenings, concerts at theaters, exhibitions and museums in addition to entering sports and music events in stadiums, as announced in a July 23 government decree effective on August 6.   Also included for accessibility are fairs held outdoors and hot spring resorts.

The ‘Green Pass,’ which can be downloaded by using the IO or Immuni app or requested at the pharmacy or of one’s family doctor, is issued to those given a Covid-19 vaccine, have proof of a negative Covid test, or evidence of a test showing the development of Covid antibodies after recovery from the virus in the past six months.  Available in both digital and paper form, each version has a QR code, as part of a larger database for verification by authorities.

After debate, it was decided that the ‘Green Pass’ will not be mandatory to in order take public transport.  Discos and clubs will not reopen for the moment.  (rosanna cirigliano)