July at the 35th Florence Dance Festival

A scene from ‘Preludes’

The 35th Florence Dance Festival will continue in July with a series of anticipated events and performances in the Main Cloister of Santa Maria Novella (Chiostro Maggiore).  

Semâ, by Swiss dance company Campagnie Linga, commences the month of July for Florence Dance Festival, directed by the artists Katarzyna Gdaniec (Poland) and Marco Cantalupo (Italian), with live electronic music and percussion, on July 3. Later in the week on July 8, Mystes Dance Company, known for experimental urban dance, will present Noi-a, directed by Gigi Nieddu, and on the same evening, Tottenham, with choreography by Pietro Pireddu, and live drumming by Stefano Tamborrino.

Production Florence Dance Festival 2024, will perform Bohéme, directed by Marga Nativo, on July 10. The production will act as an ode to the life of Giacomo Puccini and mark the centenary of his passing. The show will, of course, feature music by Puccini, as well as some original music by composer Francesco Giubasso. Preludes … Danze al pianoforte, will take place on July 12, with choreography by Massimo Moricone, featuring Anbeta Toromani, Alessandro Macario and Amilcar Moret Gonzalez, to live classical music by Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Bach. Taipei Senior Zhong Zheng Senior High School Taiwan will make a return to the stage with Kinesis CDC2 Firenze on July 13 to perform a piece entitled Style and Culture in Dance. On July 16, Kinesis CDC will present new production Pandora with direction and choreography by Angelo Egarese.

Having won Danza & Danza 2022, Michele Merola’s MM Contemporary Dance Company, presents a completely new performance, Gross Fuge & Duo D’Eden, with choreography by Maguy Marin and also Elegia, choreographed by Enrico Morelli, on July 18. Boston Ballet Theatre and Dance Atlantic USA, will present Delicate Blue, choreographed by Alessandro Sousa Pereira and If as If by Itzik Galili on July 20. The same day will see the performance of Suck It up, choreographed by Amadi ‘’Baye’’ Washington and Sam ‘’Asa’’ Pratt from New York who make up the company Baye & Asa – New York. The festival will close with the return of Lewis Major Projects, coming from Australia, with choreography by Russell Maliphant, on July 23.

Other events in July taking place in partnership with Florence Dance Festival include: GAMO ensemble, directed by Francesco Gesualdi in homage to Luigi Nono to mark 100 years since his birth, Independence Day Celebration on July 4 at 9 pm and the Milanesiana 2024 on July 6 at 9 pm, all located at the Main Cloister of Santa Maria Novella.   (Lucy Turner)