May 11 Reopenings in Florence

Flowers at the Iris Garden

In addition to the Iris Garden (see story with updated visiting hours), nine additional green spaces in Florence will once again be accessible to the public easing into Phase 2 of the Coronavirus lockdown starting on May 11, along with 16 dog parks.  Museums are slated to reopen on May 18; in the meantime, the British Institute of Florence has resumed its weekly lecture series via Zoom while the Odeon Cinema has once again begun to offer a program of films to the public in a choice of English or Italian. The best news of all, as those who recover from COVID-19 have shown to develop antibodies against the virus which could prevent another infection from the virus, immunologists hold hope for vaccine potential, with Tuscany nationally recognized for the significance and the protocols of research currently carried out in the region (see related story).

The enclosures are finally coming down and the gates unlocked at the Carraia, Nidiaci, Bellariva, Lungarno Aldo Moro, Mezzetta, Sansovino, Michela Noli and Saletto parks.  The 16 dog parks that are newly accessible comprise the Cascine, piazza d’Azeglio, Mezzetta, the Campo di Marte baseball area, Giardino Vittime di via Fani, Pettini Burresi in the Cure neighborhood, Bellariva and Lungarno Aldo Moro, Rusciano, Viale Tanini, Anconella, Villa Vogel, Villa Strozzi, Via Toscanini, Via Pisacane, Don Forconi and Via del Pesciolino, where free distribution of mineral water (both still and sparkling) at dispensers within these areas will become available for the first time since closure on March 18. The Tuesday weekly market at the Cascine will return starting on May 12 with ample space between each stall, although each is only authorized to sell produce and food products for the moment.