More Low-Cost Thematic Visits to Santa Maria Novella

February 10 & 17:  Guided visits at Santa Maria Novella for young people and adults at 2:30 pm, activities for families and children at 4 pm.  Admission: € 2.50 for residents, and € 5 for non residents (not including general entrance rate of € 7.50, reduced prices at € 5).  Residents of Florence and its greater metropolitan area are not charged the general entrance fee all day during Free Museum Sunday on February 3.

Sunday, February 10: Santa Maria Novella continues to offer more opportunities to experience the 700 year old church in a more personal way. Open for 2:30 pm visits is the Green Cloister, followed by perspective exercises looking at the frescoes.

The Green Cloister, so-called because the frescoes were painted on a background of monochrome green clay that gives them a greenish overtone, less visible thanks to conservation work.  The cloister hosts eight works by Paolo Uccello, which visually represent the biblical Genesis story, from creation to episodes from the lives of Noah, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The unique color, narrative, and layout make his works highly original, and now, newly restored, are better visible.

At 4 pm, visitors will take an up close look at eight of Uccello’s frescoes that are detached and currently displayed in the refectory to appreciate the detail, compositional structure, and explore the perspective, taking a deeper look into the infinite possibilities posed by realism as an art technique. 

The following Sunday, February 17, the Great Cloister (Choistro Grande), so-called for its size, hosts numerous frescoes from the 16th century.  Adjacent to a peaceful courtyard flanked by columns and vaulted-ceiling porticos, the architecture of the Chiostro Grande is decorated with murals by illustrious 16th century Florentine artists including Alessandro Allori, Santi di Tito, Ludovico Cigoli and Bernardino Poccetti.  Depicted in the frescoes are episodes from the Life of Christ, the Life of St. Dominic and the Life of St. Peter. Also featured on the tour is the dormitory along the rest of the cloister, which stands out thanks to its simplicity yet beauty, and the ancient pharmacy, which once produced natural cosmetics and skin care products, which are plant- and herb-based, and are still made and sold by the nearby Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella on via della Scala.

Later, at 4 pm, is a workshop for families with young children. As guests walk through the area, images, music, and perfumes, will come together, telling an 800 year old story in an exploration of the senses through a brief activity.

Reservations are required. For more information and to make a reservation, MUSE can be contacted at 055-2768224 or 055-2768558, and email,  (nicole grant)