Neonatal Intensive Care Choir at Meyer

In any neonatal intensive care department of a hospital, small infants are surrounded by the blinking lights and soft beeping of the machines working hard to support their essential bodily functions. It can be an overwhelming environment for parents and children alike, but at the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence a small group of dedicated doctors, nurses, health workers, and medical technicians have come together to create something heart-warming and special for the patients and the families who frequent this unit.

The group is called “T’INcanto,” which translates literally to positive spell, and the meaning behind it comes from the their desire to cast a spell, or enchant the families to think positively and remain optimistic. The hospital personnel sing lullabies, pop, and classical pieces to these babies.  Their performance is led by a director and often accompanied by soft acoustic guitar.

The ensemble also occasionally goes on stage at Meyer events.

To hear the choir perform, watch a video on Florence’s La Repubblica news site.