New High Season Entrance Fee for the Uffizi


A detail of a work in the Uffizi by Domenico Veneziano

Beginning March 1 through November 30, entrance into the Uffizi Galleries will be €25 as opposed to €20 for the same time period in 2022.  But as an incentive for early-bird visitors arriving at the ticket booth between 8:15 and 8:55 am, a €6 discount will be applied, making the charge €19.

The increase, agreed upon by the museum Board of Directors and the Ministry of Culture, is designed to alleviate the increases in the cost of energy and construction.

The new admission fee makes the Uffizi the most expensive museum to visit in Europe, and has caused controversy, especially among tourists.

Until March 1 the entrance fee will remain €12, and the low season admission cost will return in December. The concessions for eligible discounts will be continued.  (rita kungel)