New Ordinances to Save Water & Energy


The municipality of Florence is taking serious steps to save water and energy, starting August 1.

The region of Tuscany has declared a state of emergency regarding water and energy usage. One new ordinance includes the ban on the use of water for purposes other than hygienic and domestic. Individuals are forbidden to use water for gardening, washing courtyards and cars, filling ornamental tubs or fountains. The fine for default will be from 25 to 500 euros, while the ordinance is valid till September 30.

The second ordinance applies to buildings with public access and commercial establishments: all the air-conditioned shops must keep their doors closed while the A/C is turned on until September 1. Non-compliant parties will face a fine of up to €500 starting immediately. The city follows the line drawn by Paris, which is considering making the recently applied rule permanent to save energy.

Some establishments are exempted from this ban, comprising the stores located in a mall.  Also, the shops equipped with “lame d ‘air’ (air spaces) to avoid heat dispersion as well as rooms where excessive crowding requires suitable air exchange are not included. (elif aytemiz)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news sites.