New Tram Construction Starts July 18

Construction for Florence’s new tram line towards the historic center is set to start during the week of July 18.

Although the tram line should ultimately end up reducing vehicle congestion, major traffic jams are expected as construction gets underway.

The new Lavagnini – Libertà – San Marco line goes from the Fortezza da Basso to Piazza San Marco and includes a double track route and single track extension. The single track is put in place so there can still be a lane for buses and cars. 

The line is approximately 1.5 miles long and comprises six stops: Lavagnini, Poliziano, Parterre, Cavour A, San Marco and Cavour R.

The double track runs inbound and outbound from Fortezza da Basso to Piazza Libertà, after which there is a single track towards the historic center that loops back. 

From the Viale Matteotti junction, the inbound track goes toward Via Cavour to Piazza San Marco, becoming outbound from Via La Pira and Via La Marmora, to reach Viale Matteotti again and back out. 

While it was originally planned to have been ready by Christmas 2023, Florentines and visitors will have to wait until February 2024 for their first ride on the new tram line. 

Financed by the Project Financing of the Florentine tram system, the cost of the work is around 67 million euros. (natasha sokoloff)