New Trees & Art for Anconella Park

Many say that unicorns do not exist, and that they are only magical creatures from fairytales, but within the Anconella Park, Florentine artist Sedicente Moradi installed a wooden sculpture of a unicorn on the grounds, serving as a symbol of rebirth after the destructive storm of August 1, 2015.

Anconella Park lost many of its plants after the strong winds and rain uprooted them from the earth. This park is one of the most important, central ones in the commune of Florence, so action was taken immediately to restore its beauty.

Thanks to a €150,000 donation by Legacoop Tuscany, 150 plants were planted, including pear trees, lemon trees, oaks and a variety of flowers. In partnership with Publiacqua, Legacoop Tuscany was able to bring the mythical creature to the Anconella, serving as a symbol of new life and a brighter future for the green space.

The unicorn is part of a larger project called “Creatures by the River,” and is the first of many art installations that that will be situated along the banks of the Arno River.   (jennifer klammer)