Permit to Stay Now Online

permit to stay

A process that used to take hours will now take minutes. A new website, created by the Florence Police Headquarters, will allow clients to avoid waiting hours in line at the Immigration Office to make an appointment, submit paperwork, and request a permit to stay. Beginning June 24, customers can go online to complete these processes without having to go to the office in person.

Up until now, people had to go to the office in person to make an appointment, pick up the paperwork, which needed to be filled out by hand, and return after making an appointment to complete the process.

By going to this website, users are able to access this portal for free by any PC, smartphone, or tablet with Internet connection. Once foreigners make an appointment online, the website gives the time and date, the necessary documents to bring, and they can receive individual assistance from employees.

People without Internet connection or access to a device can go to any of the available “patronati” (offices) that have connection to the Immigration Office to complete the necessary procedure. 

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s Repubblica news site here. (sierra case)