Projected Delay for Florence’s Tram

It’s no secret that building projects generally extend beyond their estimated time frame, and in light of recent events, it seems that the construction of Lines 2 and 3 of the tram way here in Florence will be no exception. The City of Florence, however, remains adamant that the tram line begins running on June 30, due to the legal nature of their signed agreements at the beginning of the project.

Originally, the new tram system in Florence was supposed to be completed by February 28, 2018, and to begin service for the public on June 30. At a meeting on December 27, 2017 between the City of Florence and the consortium of the construction companies (TRAM spa) working on the lines examined a 205-page report submitted requesting a deadline extension and an additional 282 million euro to complete work.

The companies’ projected date of operation this year for Line 2 to Florence’s airport is now November 27 and August 1 for Line 3 to Careggi, pushing back the June 30 deadline by a few months. Only the depots are slated to be ready by the original February 28 deadline while TRAM spa has requested a new date for track completion, May 31.

The report also noted the obstacles that the companies have faced up to this point while digging and laying track to legitimize their request of additional millions of euro, which equals 40 percent of the original asking price.

Difficulties include unexpectedly uncovering ancient artifacts on via di Novoli, discovering a polluted area on Viale Guidoni which had to be cleaned up, and redesigning the tram way as it was built. The large request of compensation also cited the acceleration of work, prolonging of the project, and interest for late payments as contributing to costs, all of which include VAT tax (IVA).

While the public is desperate to know when construction will end, some speculate that the request is a part of a legal bargaining strategy.  There will be an arbitration summit on February 6 between Palazzo Vecchio and the construction companies to discuss the additional time and sum requested.  (anna rosin)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.