Religious Services in English

Religious Services in English
St. James American Church, Florence

The atmosphere of Florence’s rich spiritual history is still evident throughout the city, from awe-inspiring basilicas to religious art.

While there are a multitude of Catholic church services held in Italian, there is a variety of English worship options for those who seek this option (below).

Anglican: St. Mark’s English Church
Via Maggio 16
Sunday Said Mass 9:30 am; Sung High Mass 10:30 am

Catholic: Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo)
Piazza del Duomo
Tel. 055/294.514 or 215.380
Saturday Mass, 5 pm

Catholic: Santi Apostoli and Biagio Church
Borgo Santi Apostoli
Sunday Mass, 10:30 am

Tuesday bilingual Mass (English – Italian), 6 pm, February – May, September – December

Church of Christ
: Pepperdine University
Viale Milton 41
Monday liturgy in English, 7 pm

Episcopal: St. James American Church
Via Bernardo Rucellai 9
Tel. 055/294.417
Sunday Eucharist 9 am; with music 11 am.

Evangelical: Mosaic Church
Spazio Alfieri, via dell’Ulivo 8
Service on Sunday at 11 am

Reformed Jewish: Shir Hadash
Shabbat in English