Sala Vanni’s New Season of Contemporary Music

The Barcelona Gypsy BalKan Orchestra (BGKO)

Sala Vanni is one of the hippest and most important musical venues in Florence. Situated at Piazza del Carmine in Oltrano, Sala Vanni has starting hosting the new season of Network Sonoro—a diverse series of Tuscan concerts put on by the organizations Musicus Concentus and Music Pool.

The concerts will be held all throughout Tuscany and the goal of the project is to showcase diverse and unique talent. From February to May over 100 performances will be held, Florence’s being at Sala Vanni. Many of the artists have international sounds that aren’t usually showcased in Tuscany. These concerts will represent many cultures and many different genres. From jazz to electronic, art rock to grand orchestra, the music will showcase individual and collective talent with a focus on the community music.

One upcoming event at the Sala Vanni showcases The Barcelona Gypsy BalKan Orchestra (BGKO), an international ensemble based in Spain that brings new life into Balkan, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean songs who will on stage on February 25 at the Sala Vanni (9:15 pm).

Coming together in 2012, Barcelona, BGKO is known for its Klezmer and gypsy music. With origins in Eastern Europe, they came together in Barcelona and have become a leading name within the Balkan music community. They have now gained an international reputation. Members of the musical group include Sandra Sangiao (vocals, Catalonia), Mattia Schirosa (accordion), Ivan Kovacevic (double bass, Serbia), Julien Chanal (guitar, France), Stelios Togias (percussion, Greece), Dani Carboneli (clarinet), and Pere Nolasc (violin).

These nomadic musicians are passionate explorers of Klezmer and gypsy sounds. They embrace musical traditions and a multi-ethnic culture, drawing inspiration from music in regions of South America, Spain, and the Middle East. (molly campbell & audrey allahverdian)

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