Sandra Muss’s Works Fly into Fiesole

Mull’s original work decorates the doorways of the Belmond Villa San Michele.

The Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole is a gorgeous location on its own: rural, picturesque, and a beautiful place overall. With the new installation by Sandra Muss, the ambiance looks even more like it just came out of a fantasy novel.

The first pieces lay along the driveway to the villa. Three towers of bronze and mirrored glass twist to form cicada wings as what sounds to be a chorus plays in the background. The musical track is comprised of slowed down cicada chirping to make what sounds like an angelic chorus. Inside, after wandering through the villa, there are several sheets of multi-colored materials in the shape of wings surrounding doors, creating rainbow portals.

The wings make sense given the theme of the exhibition at the villa: flight. Though insects are commonly called “creepy-crawlies”, this exhibit challenges that perception. Disturbing versus ethereal, disgusting versus beautiful, this exhibition challenges the norm.

The works at Belmond Villa San Michele is an offshoot of another show at Studio Abba that lasts until April 18. Click here to see more.