‘Smartest Giant in Town’ Visits the British Institute


Delve into the colorful, animated world of a selfless giant as he makes friends with different creatures along the way in the children’s book The Smartest Giant in Town written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Sheffield. On June 20 at 5 pm, witness the characters come to life through a reading and workshop at the Library of the British Institute of Florence.

The story follows the journey of George, a gentle giant, as he tries to redo his look, but is constantly thwarted by his kind heart. On his way home after buying a new outfit in efforts to look smart, he ends up giving each piece of clothing to various animals in need who he encounters on his path. Children are left with the message to be kind to others and to care less about their image.

This experience can be enjoyed by members of the library for free while non-members can attend by purchasing a day card for €6. Come early at 4:30 pm to take part in a typical English tea and cakes, which will continue to be served through the event until 6 pm. (sierra case)