Spooky Storytime at the British Institute

Frankenstein is the focus for the October 25 “Storytime,” a monthly children’s event at Florence’s British Institute library. The English reading and workshop will take place at 5 pm. Children ages 4-8 are the ideal audience to hear the delightful story “Do Not Build a Frankenstein,” but guests of all ages are welcome to attend. After the reading, kids can bring to the story to life by making spooky Frankenstein masks just in time for Halloween.

“Do Not Build a Frankenstein” is a children’s book written and filled with watercolor illustrations by Neil Numberman. The story begins when a new kid in town warns his friends about the dangers of building a Frankenstein. He explains that while having a monster of his own was fun at first, his new friend’s superhuman strength and relentless energy began to make life difficult. Hilarious antics ensue as the clumsy (albeit well-meaning) Frankenstein breaks the boy’s toys and chases away his friends and pets!

Afternoon Tea will be served in the library from 4:30 to 6 pm for adult guests and parents of little bookworms. This weekly event provides the perfect opportunity to relax and meet new people while surrounded by a extensive book collection and a stunning view over the River Arno.

No booking is necessary for these events. Storytime and Afternoon Tea are open to members of the Library. Non-members wishing to attend may purchase a Day card (€6). The British Institute library is located at Lungarno Guicciardini, 9 Florence.

For further information, email library@britishinstitute.it or call 055/26778270.

(sienna kirk, additional reporting by leigh van ryn)