Stroke Victim Reunited with Dog, Speaks

A man, who had suffered from a stroke, was able to pronounce a few sentences for the first time after he was finally reunited with his doggy. Phoebe, the name of the pet, happily wagged her tail and leaned on her master’s legs.

“It is not the first time that we bring pets to our patients. I thank the staff for the willingness to support and promote this important project, which is valuable in assisting hospitalized patients, even the those in critical condition in intensive care,” said Dr. Francesca Ciraolo, director of the Santa Maria Nuova hospital.

A patient at the hospital hasn’t seen his small dog for several days, and was unable to talk. The meeting which helped him to do so was organized by the coordinating nurse, Paola Poggiali. She set up everything needed together with the doctors to welcome Phoebe according to established hygiene and safety procedures designed to protect the patient.  

The “Pet Visiting” project, designed for the patients separated from their animals and who are unable to move, is implemented in all Florence health care facilities. 

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (mary filatova)