Summer Sales Arrive with the Heat


Get ready to shop ‘til you drop as the spring/summer sales have finally arrived. Starting on July 6, wait no longer to get discounts on your favorite clothing items.

Stores experienced a loss of revenue during the spring due to the unusual weather– overcast and cool–in Florence during which residents and tourists alike continued to dress in their winter clothes.  The heat wave, however, that has already hit the city is expected to act as an incentive for people to purchase their summer outfits. 

Sales are predicted to be high in touristy areas such as cities of art and coastal areas, but are expected to be lower in other places that have less of a tourist crowd. High demand items such as bathing suits and sandals are likely to sell out at an impressive rate.

As consumer habits are changing, there is some talk about deregulating stores’ sales, which take place between January and March then July to early September, given the changing dynamic of shoppers’ relations with physical versus online stores. (sierra case)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica article here.