Summer Activities at the ‘Giardino Artecultura’

A summer’s evening at ‘Giardino Artecultura,’ photo by Olivia Synek

Until September: Giardino Artecultura. Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4. Open every day, hours depend on what’s offered on the schedule.  Free admission.

This family-friendly spot to visit on a warm summer night is open until the end of September at no cost, and includes entertainment for not only adults, but children as well. Head over to Giardino Artecultura, a park near Piazza della Libertà and the Statuto station, to enjoy the different programs offered daily.

The park includes a gazebo with an arch that many children enjoy, several fountains, as well as its main attraction: an enormous greenhouse. Events take place in the greenhouse all year round, such as parties, cocktail hours, and cultural activities.

There is also a café and bar in the park, Artecultura Cafè, which serves food and drinks from 10 am to midnight. Not only is there breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but aperitivo is also served.  Various menu items are available, such as pizza, paninis, salads, and other snacks. The food prices range from €4.50 for a hot dog to €12 for a large order of nachos. On the drink menu, visitors can order anything from coffee to a cocktail; cocktails range from €6 to €7.

On the website, there is a calendar of initiatives offered through September. The activities include arts and crafts for children, dancing, yoga, concerts, workshops, group reading, and more. Some evenings, there is only one program. Most evenings, however, provide different forms of entertainment every hour or so.

There are some cases where it is necessary to sign up via WhatsApp in order to ensure the event will not be too crowded. Reservations are very important for many of these workshops and classes due to them being taught by professionals in the specific fields.

From August 10 to 20, every night there will be a single big concert from several bands and artists, such as Francesco Rainero, Brothers Raudo, and the Hellhounds of Purgatory.

From now until the closing of the summer season, there is something going on at Giardino Artecultura every night. Check out the calendar for programs and events here: . Make sure to see if a reservation is needed for your desired evening activity and arrive at the park early to indulge in an inexpensive and nice aperitivo!  (oliva synek)