Sustainable Living: the FirenzeBIO Organic Event at the Fortezza

March 15 – 17: FirenzeBIO organic fair and market.  Fortezza da Basso. Open 10 am – 7 pm.  Free admission. 

Organic and biodynamic products are showcased along with workshops, competitions, and other activities at FirenzeBIO to satisfy consumers in search of healthy and tasty food.  Returning to Florence for the second time, the organizers work to educate the public on environmental awareness, and also provide opportunities for businesses to partner in “going green.”

The event is more than just a market, as there will also be conferences, seminars, activities for schools, and courses for “Agrichefs,” chefs who cook with a farming lifestyle in mind. A wide range of organic commodities will be on display: besides food, there will be clothing, cosmetics, footwear, home furnishing, toys, childcare products, animal care products, and even eco-friendly materials for hobbies.

A multitude of food–including vegetables, cheeses, preserves, honey, saffron and olive oil–in addition to wine and craft beer will be on display and can be purchased.  Many are also be available for tasting. Cooking demonstrations (reservations required) will begin on March 15 with Vito Mollica, who is the Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel. He will be meeting and cooking with children from 10 am to noon. Another class on the March 15 will be on bread-making using sourdough or a natural starter from 3 to 4 pm.

The event will have many BIO (Italian for environmentally-friendly) foods and their creators present. Gino Girolomoni’s slow drying organic pasta, is made with grains that are stone ground by a mill. Even the preservative-free natural cookies from Zenzero Candito are made from stone-ground grains.

Options for gluten-free and vegans will also be available at the market. Severino Becagli’s organic spirulina, can be used as a dietary supplement or whole food for people or animals. Spirulina is also an antioxidant used in cosmetics, and can even be used in sauces, vegetarian patties, or smoothies. Other vegan products such as cosmetics and face masks can be found at stands as well.

In addition, many unique and creative eco-friendly offerings, such as laundry detergents, air fresheners, essential oils, natural hair dyes, and countless more can be found at FirenzeBIO.

This ever growing community of people, is also founded around the Green Campaign, and as consumption grows, it is becoming more and more important to reach companies and the individual person with safer, organic ways of living.

Last year’s FirenzeBIO market was successful, with over 15,000 visitors. The event will be stepping it up even more this year with increased tastings, competitions, and workshops. The location at Fortezza da Basso is vast, and connected across the city by tram and bus.

For more info on the event, the group has a FirenzeBIO app with details on the program, meetings, maps, option to book a spot in tastings and shows, and much more.  For more information, visit the website. (nicole grant)