Sweet Treats at Florence’s 2023 Chocolate Fair

Fri. 24 – Sun. 26: FLORENCE & CHOCOLATE. Piazza Santa Croce. Open 10 am – 8 pm. Free admission.

After a three-year pause, the festival will once again play host to distinguished and highly skilled chocolatiers from throughout the Tuscan region and across Italy to entice locals and tourists alike with their delicious chocolate concoctions.

Piazza Santa Croce’s beautiful space will play host to various artisans and manufacturers of chocolate. There, the public will find an array of countless handcrafted chocolate delights, from dark to white, each unique with allure and every one with flavors that will leave guests craving for more.  The chocolate is for sale but all exhibitors give free samples.

Expect to find fruit, rich with a chocolate coating that will melt in the mouth, to praline truffles with a light texture, as well as treats with sweet chewy centers. The festival has more and more to offer each year: sticks of chocolate, a chocolate fountain form in addition to solid fudge, and even chocolate molded into the shapes of everyday household objects like spoons that will melt in a cup of hot espresso.  There is even gluten-free and vegan chocolate in addition to the welcome return of Claudio Pistocchi with his signature, flourless chocolate cake that melts in the mouth.

A workshop will be dedicated to the processing of chocolate, starting with the cocoa bean and ending with the chocolate bar.  Also on the program is face painting, games and entertainment for children.

Besides being an ancient Mayan delicacy, chocolate is an indulgence that is actually healthy in more ways than one. In moderation, the treat actually reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke, and is even proven to stimulate brain cell activity. This is due to the flavonoids that are contained in cocoa, antioxidants which actually benefit arterial pressure.

Don’t be discouraged if chocolate doesn’t entice you. Guests are welcome to check out the numerous pastries, candied fruits and macarons to be found throughout the stands that are made with other sweet ingredients.