Talk: Portraits From Antiquity to the ‘Selfie’

The public is welcome to hear art historian Elaine Ruffolo speak on the topic “Portraits: From Antiquity to the Selfie” at the C.E.A. Study Center, Piazza della Repubblica 6 on Tuesday, January 29 at 6 pm.

Ruffolo will explore the development of portraiture up to the modern era.  She will explain why portraits have played such an important role in the history of western art and consider the part they have played in shaping how individuals and societies see themselves today.

Elaine Ruffolo has been teaching art history in Florence, Italy since 1990 and is a popular instructor for students and adults alike. Her special interests include the history of patronage and the economy of Italian Renaissance city-states.

Ruffolo believes that the best way to fully understand a work of art is by exploring the context in which it was made. This approach gives the viewer a full understanding and at the same time, brings the past to life.  She holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin as well as an M.A. from Syracuse University in Art History.