The 2024 ‘State of the Union’ EUI Conference & Visits

Villa Salviati (photo EUI)

The State of the Union conference is an opportunity offered by the European University Institute (EUI) for researchers to showcase their work and their extraordinary findings. The 14th edition of the conference — in English —  will take place from May 23 to 24 at Badia Fiesolana and at Palazzo Vecchio in the afternoon of May 24. Attendees may arrive and register on sight or stream the conference from home.  The public is also welcome to visit the garden, buildings and historic archives of the European Union at Villa Salviati (via Bolognese 156/via Faentina 261) on May 25. 

Founded in 1972, the EUI is both a postgraduate research institute and an intergovernmental organization. Its intellectual community includes scholars throughout Europe that cooperate in face of new, relevant issues. The State of the Union is attended by leaders and experts, students, policy makers, and journalists.

Over 150 high-profile guests are set to give talks at the conference, including presidents, prime ministers, CEOs, scholars, and other experts. Of the high-profile speakers, some that stand out include current President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, current Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, and former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta. These speakers will be among many government and high-profile company officials and department leaders, exploring solutions to complicated issues with a strong undertone of collaboration. The program emphasizes the diversity of voices present in terms of background and perspective, as well as to encourage interactive discussion and exchange of ideas.

The State of the Union conference exists to review the most pressing issues facing the European continent. A diverse range of key themes will be tackled, including the future expansion of the European Union, demographics, democracy and rule of law, industrial policies, digital and green transitions, among others. These are all issues that could play a future role in the soon upcoming June elections throughout Europe. A central focus will be sustainability. The dialogue addressing a green transition and using green energy underlines the attempt for “regional cohesion” in order to better combat climate change. Digital transformation is also an area of interest, presenting analysis on enhancing competitiveness through “establishing a strong digital public infrastructure [while] navigating the complexities around AI and blockchain regulation.” Strengthening democracy and countering foreign interference will be discussed, a topic especially relevant with the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian and Israeli-Palestinian wars.

The State of the Union will include networking opportunities for guests, promising engaging conversations among participants, all the while taking place in a series of stunning venues. The days will also be live streamed on the State of the Union website and broadcasted elsewhere.  (Daniel J. Capobianco)

Complete information may be found on the website