‘The Black Italian Renaissance’ Screening in English

The Sky Original documentary, The Black Italian Renaissance, will be screening on Feb. 27 (6:30 pm) at the CEA CAPA center in Piazza della Repubblica 6 with free admission.

Francesca Priori, writer of the documentary, and Cristian Di Mattia, director, use the art of film to spotlight the stories of the unknown African and Afro-descendent individuals that can be seen in many Renaissance artworks. The countless number of Afro-descendent people featured in the paintings all have names, stories and fascinating backgrounds that haven’t been uncovered until just recently.

Countless pieces of Renaissance artwork and documents are analyzed thoroughly during the movie to shed light on the complex details of African and Afro-descendent individuals that lie far beneath the surface. The Black Italian Renaissance exposes a new side to this perplexing era that is layered with many different aspects.

The 90 minute film will act as a follow-up to the lecture given by Dr. Jonathan Nelson on Feb. 7 at the CEA CAPA center.  Nelson, an art historian who has published extensively on Italian painting and sculpture in the late 15th and early 16th centuries provided an insightful talk on the subject, which was presented as part of this year’s Black History Month Florence program.  (Parker Hurley)

Spots are limited for the event. Email mfrancioso@ceacapa.com to secure a place for the screening.