The Delicious World of ‘Food & Wine in Progress’ 2018

Dec. 1-2:  FOOD & WINE IN PROGRESS.  Stazione Leopolda, Florence. Open 10 am until 7 pm. Admission costs €15 at the entrance or €10 online for a limited number of tickets for sale online which will also grant VIP admission.

For those who cannot get enough of culinary specialties in Florence, check out the festival entitled “Food & Wine in Progress,” which showcases Tuscan excellence. From locally sourced products to wine tastings with sommeliers, there is no shortage of opportunities for the guest to experience what the region has to offer, with a special focus on the Casentino area.

The program is packed with many different options beginning with the opening of tasting opportunities from 150 companies and over 1000 wine labels as well as a conference on “The State of the Rural Development Projects” hosted by the Tuscany’s Regional Chef Society. In addition to the conference, the chef society will perform cooking shows (including fresh pasta and vegan recipes) where they collaborate with the Tuscan Sommelier Association who will pair wines with the dishes prepared.  Another profession that will be showcased is mixology at the “Cocktails in the World,” event on Sunday.

Gluten-free dishes will highlighted on Saturday from 2:30 – 6 pm.  Florence ice cream master Vetulio Bondi will create a new gelato on Sunday from 4 – 4:30 pm and serve it to the audience.  Giorgio Pinchiorri, of Michelin star Enoteca Pinochiorri, will receive an award for the excellence of his wine cellar on Sunday at 6 pm.

Confcommercio, one of Italy’s largest business associations, will introduce butchers and bakers to the audience as a part of the theme of the event, of how food and wine are “in progress.” These time-honored professions are creating new trends in the sector.

For a more in-depth food and wine experience, one can make reservations for smaller 6-30 person activities such as wine tutoring, oil tutoring, and wine and chocolate pairings. However, no matter the extent of one’s visit, they are bound to leave with a larger understanding as well as admiration for the region’s cuisine.  (madison perez)