The Passion of Mozart by ORT on the Teatro Verdi Stage

Conductor Markus Stenz

Two German musicians bring their passion of Mozart to the stage of Teatro Verdi with their new concert this week in collaboration with the Orchestra della Toscana (ORT). On November 5 at 9 pm, conductor Markus Stenz, clarinetist Nicolai Pfeffer and the Orchestra della Toscana will interpret Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K. 622 for the public. The performance will also feature pieces by Ferruccio Busoni and the song Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Richard Strauss.  The latter is an orchestral suite composed in the early 20th century to accompany a staging of the iconic 1670 play by Molière.

Nicolai Pfeffer has achieved international fame as both a teacher and performer of the clarinet, continuing the legacy of his teachers Bruce Edwards and Ralph Manno. Pfeffer explained that K.622 was one of the first classical compositions he heard and fell in love with, inspiring him to play the instrument. He says that it could be considered the song that triggered his musical career and that no other composition has moved him in the same way that this piece has. 

A couple of months before his death, Mozart wrote K.622 for Anton Stadler, who acted as his financial supporter when he had little to no money. It was written to be played with a basset clarinet, a special iteration of the instrument with more range than its more widespread counterpart. The ORT now wishes to bring this song to the heart of Florence with every joyful note that it has to offer. 

Markus Stenz is a conductor described to have enough proficiency in the art that he could direct music “with his eyes closed.” His frequent collaborations with the ORT and time in Italy has led audiences to deem him “Tuscan by adoption,” having also performed live music and been artistic director of Montepulciano’s Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte Festival.  (nelson matos)

Tickets can be purchased for €17 at the biglietteria in Teatro Verdi or online at