Tourist Arrivals Peak for Summer ’22

The cupola of the Cathedral (Duomo) from the Bardini Gardens

The data released by the Tourist Studies Center unveiled an estimate that 1.6 million tourists will visit the Florence metropolitan area during the summer quarter.

Tourism is expected to grow by 35% in the summer compared to the first five months of 2022, which had more than 2.2 million arrivals. According to the data collected, the flow of foreign tourists is rising compared to that of their Italian counterparts. In fact, an increase of 44.5% in international and 20% in domestic arrivals is expected.  The city is forecast to reach the pre-pandemic level of tourist arrivals in the upcoming years if the situation remains stable.

Compared to 2021, with about 3.1 million arrivals in total, a considerable increase can be seen this year with more than 2.2 million arrivals registered only in the first five months of 2022. Following the sharp decrease in tourist arrivals due to the pandemic, this year’s data reveals encouraging statistics, demonstrating that there are more than 7.5 million euros of resources for the tourism sector, which are essential for the upcoming concrete projects. The projects will be on the enhancement and promotion of digital tourism, marketing, communication, and the design of innovative and creative itineraries.

Also, the data indicates that the top three European presences in the city comprise Great Britain at the top, followed by France and Germany.  As regards the non-European visitors, the United States is ranked first, followed by Brazil and Canada.  (elif aytemiz)