Tram 2 Officially Inaugurating in February

The completion of the Florence tram system has finally come to an end with the recent announcement by Mayor Dario Nardella that Line 2 will be open to the public on February 11, 2019.

Line 2 will lead from Santa Maria Novella station through the Novoli neighborhood to the Florence airport and the inauguration will have the honor of the head of the State, Sergio Mattarella, in attendance.

The opening of Line 2 comes after months of prolonged construction along with deadline extensions and public inconvenience. Originally, the entire tram system was to have been finished by February 28, 2018, but unexpected obstacles and a hefty request for more compensation by the builders caused additional work and delays for Line 2 and 3. Tram T1, the combination of the tram 1 and a new extension (formerly line 3) to Careggi Hospital began service on July 21, 2018, a month after the projected starting date.  (kelsey lentz)