Vaccination Day in Piazza Repubblica

With 82% of the Tuscan population vaccinated, the Florence Professional Association of Doctors, the Regional Federation of Misericordia in Tuscany and the Coordination of Misericordia in Florence wish to help a little over 300,000 people who have not yet done so catch up and receive their vaccine in addition to others currently eligible for the booster.  On Tuesday, October 26, the “Vaccino Dì” initiative will debut in Piazza Repubblica from 10 am to 3 pm, with more planned for the future. This Vaccine Day seeks to simplify the process of acquiring a vaccine as much as possible, requiring no reservation and only asks those interested to present an Italian health card (tessera sanitaria). 

For those who have not obtained any vaccination yet, the first dose of Pfizer can be given to them. Alternatively, if six months have passed since the second jab, a booster shot can be obtained if they fall under any of the following criteria: they are over 80 years old, they are healthcare personnel or they have been registered as “clinically vulnerable” individuals. 

The Misericordia is an organization made up of trained volunteers who give medical help throughout Italy, with the oldest activity being traced back to 1244 in Florence. These services include assisting with emergency transportation in conjunction with 118 – Health Emergency Service, managing clinics and disability assistance.

Pietro Dattolo, the president of the Florence Professional Association of Doctors, says that the only way to avoid returning to emergency lockdowns and imposing heavy limitations is through vaccination. He goes on by stating that the third dose cannot be delayed for those who are eligible for it, as the people in the region needs to have the same amount of protection against the virus.  (nelson matos)