Vandalism at the Iris Garden


A judge at the International Competition of the Iris Garden

Florence’s Iris Garden was the target of an act of vandalism the night of Wednesday, April 19. A hole was apparently made in the fence through which the vandals entered, “uprooting and ruining hundreds of precious irises” as well as vases, crates, signage, and more according to Luca Milani, president of the Florence Municipal Council.

The Iris Garden is home to over 10,000 verities of iris plants, a longtime symbol of the city of Florence. Open to the public from April 15 to May 20, the venue also hosts a yearly international iris competition. This year, the 65th rendition of the competition will be hosted at the garden from May 8 – 13. Offering exciting prizes for iris growers all over the world and a chance to see some of the most unique flowers in Europe. The Iris Garden can be found beneath Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. (Jack McGlinchy)