‘Wander & Pick’ Tulip Gardens to Visit

The Scandicci ‘Wander & Pick’ Tulip Garden (photo by Ted Deveer)

Currently accessible for residents and visitors to enjoy during most of April, the town of Scandicci, adjacent to Florence, inaugurated a tulip garden dubbed “Wander and Pick” in 2018 in the Parco degli Acciaioli city park.  Open from 10 am – 7 pm, 65 variants of the flower are now blooming thanks to the planting of 150,000 bulbs across a large open field.  The Parco degli Acciaioli (via Pantin 63) can be reached via tram in the direction of Villa Costanza. The stop for the park is Resistenza; after getting off, walk straight ahead to the town hall, turn left, walk down the street, then turn right when glimpsing the Polimoda campus in the distance. The entrance is at the Acciaioli Castle.

The nearby suburb of Sesto Fiorentino has its very own “Wander and Pick” tulip garden as well, inspired by the spectacle of the Scandicci park.  Located in the Giardino del Bardo (via Gramsci), the guest can admire a colorful spectrum of 35,000 tulips until April 21 from 10:30 am to 7 pm.

At both parks, a donation is requested if visitors choose to pick the flowers, €1 per tulip.  Each visitor is given a pail to collect the flowers, which are counted at the exit.  Scandicci’s green space was created in an abandoned area originally destined for new construction.

The Facebook page offers daily updates and closing dates.   (autumn noury/additional reporting by rosanna cirigliano)