Winning Women: Lisa Robbins, Homeopath


Lisa Robbins in her study (photo by Ted De Veer)

Serving the English-speaking community of Florence is Lisa Robbins, a licensed homeopath with her practice located behind the Arno river in the Porta al Prato neighborhood. 

Robbins is a U.S. native but has spent most of her life on other continents. Her eclectic background has led her to gain an education in various fields, from English literature in the U.S. to studying the Chinese language in Asia to homeopathy in the U.K. 

Homeopathy is a unique medical practice that involves natural healing, remedies, and treatments. At first, Robbins delved into natural medicine slowly. Her initial interest stemmed from her time living in Asia, where her children were heavily prescribed with antibiotics for simple illnesses or issues with mental well-being due to the heat and susceptibility to infection. When she became frustrated with the pharmaceutical system, she decided to look closely at alternatives. Along the way, she and her family began to see a Chinese homeopathic doctor, where positive results for her health issues became apparent. 

“I learned that homeopathy could treat holistically and in a long-lasting way. So, it wasn’t that it was going to put a blanket and cover-up, or suppress a system– it was actually going to get to the deeper cause, and treat it,” says Robbins. 

From then on, her knowledge slowly turned into practicing the therapies personally. Initially, she would treat patients with minor injuries such as a sprained ankle until she felt confident enough in her abilities. Today she works on healing ailments that range from migraines to arthritis and recurrent infections, all problems for which she aims to find a solution. 

Most of her clients are English-speaking; however, she hopes to reach a higher level of Italian proficiency to treat those who do not speak English better in the community. While many have asked for her services in Italian, she has chosen to wait until she can attain a better communication level. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Robbins began online services; however, she finds face-to-face meetings at her home office more effective for healing. Robbins has utilized Homeopathy 24/7, a virtual platform for patients seeking homeopathic services.  Many of her patients are located in the United States or the U.K, old and new, and she is building a local clientele.

To her English community here in Florence, Robbins wants to relay the message of how deep her passion for homeopathy lies within her. She encourages people to think differently about their health, and firmly believes that the body can work to heal itself with the help of homeopathic therapy.  Remedies she prescribes help people achieve optimum health.

Robbins is now complementing homeopathy with sound healing. At the end of January 2023, she received a Certificate in Tuning Fork treatment from the UK’s Sound Healing Academy.

She explains, “Each cell, each tissue, and each organ vibrates in its own resonant frequency. When vibrations are knocked out of sync, when they slowly slide into erratic patterns, mental and emotional stress begins. Ultimately, chronic health issues set in…sound therapy reprogrammes cells to natural rhythms, relaxes muscle tissues and nerve centres, promotes blood circulation and regulates lymph circulation.

My patients are less tired because trapped pain has been released because they can sleep better. Stuck emotions have been freed. Nervousness – that wired feeling, that running on adrenalin – can begin to dissipate. Patients better relax when awake, learn over time how to go more lightly. This allows open-mindedness and a greater capacity to cope when things go wrong. It also invites creative thinking.” (with reporting by Gioia Guarino)

For more information about Lisa Robbins and her professional practice, feel free to read her blog posts, newsletters, and or website. Her website is