Winning Women: Lisa Robbins, Homeopath

Lisa Robbins in her study

Lisa Robbins may well be Florence’s only English mother tongue homeopath. After qualifying in the UK she set up her practice near the Arno river in the neighborhood of Porta al Prato.  Robbins shares her deep passion for safe, natural and tailor-made healing with the English-speaking community here in Florence, encouraging patients to think differently about health. Robbins firmly believes that the body can heal itself with the help of homeopathy. She is excited about a complementary therapy she is now offering clients gratis: sound healing through tuning forks.

A U.S. native, Robbins has spent most of her life on other continents such as Europe and Asia. Her eclectic background has led her to gain an education in various fields, from English literature to studying the Chinese language to homeopathy. 

Homeopathy is a unique medical practice that involves natural healing, gentle remedies and patient-focused treatment. Her initial interest stemmed from living in Asia, where her children were prescribed with antibiotics for simple illnesses due to the heat and susceptibility to infection. When she became frustrated with the pharmaceutical system, she decided to look into alternatives. She took her children to see a Chinese homeopathic doctor, where positive results for health issues became swiftly apparent. 

“I learned that homeopathy could treat holistically and in a long-lasting way. Conventional treatment often puts a blanket, a cover-up, on the illness and suppresses symptoms.  Homeopathy gets to the deeper cause and can treats effectively,” says Robbins. 

Her knowledge slowly turned into practicing on herself, friends and family. Initially she would treat patients with light injuries such as a sprained ankle. Today she works on healing ailments from gut problems and migraines to hormonal disorders, anxiety, recurrent infection and chronic disease.

Most of her clients are English-speaking; however, she hopes to reach a higher level of Italian proficiency to treat those who do not speak English. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Lisa began online services via Skype and Zoom. While she prefers face-to-face meetings at her clinic, the pandemic brought her many online clients and word of mouth continues to do so. Robbins is an active member of Homeopathy 24/7, a virtual international platform for patients seeking homeopathic services. Her patients are based primarily in the United States. These days her Florence market is growing now that in-person meetings are possible.  Four years ago she brought over existing patients from London, where she began working professionally.  

For more information about Lisa Robbins’ professional practice, look for special offers her website.  Do get in touch for a complimentary “tune up.” and