Possible Indictments for Tree Removal

Protests and outrage ensued when 300 trees were cut down in late August in Piazza San Marco, outside the train station in Piazza Stazione, and on viale Corsica. Now those citizens may get some peace. Deputy attorney Luca Turco is looking over the reports that have come in that are calling for the indictment of seven city employees for false public acts and the destruction of nature.

The trees were a large part of the landscape surrounding the squares and were important to the residents.

The investigation that will take place will determine if the permission of the Superintendent was given to cut down the trees. In the past, it has been confirmed that many plants were cut down without proper authority.

The trees that were cut down were classified as Class C, meaning they were at risks of toppling over. Class C plants don’t have to be cut down immediately, but can be saved by other processes.

Trees that are at an urgent risk of falling are those in Class D.

Mayor Dario Nardella stated that, “Cuts are painful, but necessary so healthy greenery can be replanted.”

Nardella said that he is putting the safety of the citizens first when the decision to cut the trees down was made. Earlier in August, a tree fell down. Luckily, no one was harmed. An incident in the Cascine Park that took place in June 2014, however, resulted in the deaths of Donatella Mugaini, 52, and her granddaughter Alice, 2, both killed by a branch that broke off.

The City of Florence has promised that more trees will be planted in order to replace the ones that have been chopped down.

To read more in Italian, see Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (deanna carbone)