For the Record

 Florence city newspaper Florenscape

In its history, Magenta has been and continues to be visionary, as seen by the following accomplishments. Magenta’s staff has been responsible for creating:

The first English-language Florence city newspaper and city newsmagazine (Florenscape, 1980s) and regional magazine (Vista, Florence & Tuscany, 1990 – present). Both Florenscape and Vista were the very first publications written directly in English rather than being translated from Italian, producing pure English-language journalism from the beginning.

The first and only English-language column in an Italian daily, the Florence section of La Repubblica. Originally in the newspaper’s print edition, the column is now updated regularly online.

The first news wall poster (1996-2020).

The first events e-newsletter in Florence (1994-present).

The first news office in Florence to accept interns, a previously uncommon practice in the Italian work world. All interns are native English-speakers. Magenta’s interns were the first in Florence to earn college credit for their work.

The very first region-wide discount card, the Pistoia Student Card, presented in a press conference at Florence’s American Consulate, another first. (January 2002). Middlebury college student and intern Amanda Gary had the idea for the card after seeing a Vista cover story on Tuscany’s Abetone ski resort (2001).

The first and only English-language publications and special projects to receive recognition and support from the Florence Tourist Board, Florence’s Peretola Airport, the City of Florence, the Province of Florence, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Florence’s United States Consulate and the Association of American College & University Programs in Italy.

We celebrated the 15th anniversary of Vista Magazine in the gardens of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, part of the headquarters of the Province of Florence. Later Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi was president of the Province of Florence and granted the space for the event in conjunction with the local United States Consulate to host an exhibition by resident American artists.

Concurrently with the anniversary celebration, Magenta launched a series of magazine issues with coverage of contemporary American residents in Tuscany. (July 2005).

This led to the initiative “Florence Through the Eyes and Lives of Foreigners” and a number of theme issues. Magenta was the first news outlet to publish profiles of resident foreigners who have made a difference.

Through “Florence Through the Eyes and Lives of Foreigners,” Magenta organized the first-ever meeting of six expatriate groups was organized, which included an ethnic buffet with speeches by the presidents of each group. (2008)

Under the auspices of Magenta’s “Amerigo & America” program, four English-speaking expatriate groups held an art show in the Palagio di Parte Guelfa, granted for the occasion by the City of Florence (2012).

The current project is a book on the contribution of notable native and expat residents on the city of Florence from 1944 to the present, starting with World War II and ending with the coronavirus pandemic.