With the Cashback Rebate, Italy Enters the Credit Card Era

  Beginning January 1, 2020, the Italian government launches an initiative called Cashback offering a 10% reimbursement to citizens on any expense paid electronically in a physical store.  Food, clothing, medical expenses, payments to restaurants and other expenses, with the exception of those made online, up to a maximum of €1500 during a six-month period, resulting in a €150 reimbursement to be credited to consumers’ bank accounts in February 2021.  To be eligible [...]

Free Streamed ORT Concert Headlines Two Rising Stars

  Two young talents are headlined at the Friday, November 20 Orchestra della Toscana concert which will be streamed starting 9 pm.  Lasting an hour-and-a-half without intermission, the event is free and can be accessed through the Orchestra della Toscana You Tube channel and Facebook page. Nil Venditti, appointed one of the two principal guest co-conductor at the ORT (along with Beatrice Venezi) in January 2020, is just 24.  Trained as a cellist at the [...]

A Gift of Music: A Free ORT Concert Via Streaming

  With the latest closures due to the most recent Ministerial Decree, all public performances will be cancelled until November 24, or further notice. The Orchestra Regionale della Toscana will comply, however for now the orchestra will continue its activity and rehearse for the next concert on the program offering a free performance on their YouTube channel, October 30 at 9 pm. The concert will be conducted by John Axelrod.  A Texan, he [...]

Live ORT Classical Concerts starring Michele Campanella

  This week, the Orchestra della Toscana (ORT) also moves ahead with their programming, in compliance with the latest directives of allowing a limited audience to enjoy evenings of live music at the Teatro Verdi. On October 21 and 22 Michele Campanella will lead and perform two authentic masterpieces of Viennese classicism, Mozart’s concerto K. 467 and Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto. Michele Campanella enjoys conducting the works himself from the piano because he feels [...]

Florence Continues to Discuss City’s Future

In our previous article about the Future of Florence initiated by La Repubblica Firenze, we asked you, our readers, for your opinions on how the city can adapt post-pandemic. We received a number of responses on the Magenta Florence & Vista Magazine Facebook page, as well as in Foreigners in Florence Facebook group. Majority of the comments revolved around potential projects Florence should take on in order to become a greener, more accessible, [...]

Maggio Musicale’s First Post-Lockdown Live Concert

The Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (MMF) will open its virtual doors on Sunday, June 9 at 8 pm for its first live performance in streaming after three months of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Maggio Musicale orchestra will take the stage using safety precautions, including one person per music stand with one meter (3.2 ft.) separation and plexiglass barriers for the wind and brass instruments. The concert program offers overtures [...]

COVID-19: 2020 Driver and Vehicle Guidelines Modified

  Regulations for drivers and vehicles in Tuscany have been eased due to the COVID-19 emergency during much of 2020.  The Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy issued updates stating the new regulations and dates for renewals and insurance premiums. The annual car registration tax (bollo auto) with expiration dates in March, April and May can be paid up to June 30 without the normal penalty charge for lateness. The biennial, the [...]

The ‘State of the Union’ in the Face of Coronavirus

Since the formation of the European Union in 1993, Florence has celebrated this historical event by hosting the Festival of Europe. Although the larger festival, which often includes cultural events, will not take place amidst the pandemic, the State of the Union will be streamed in three segments on Friday May 8, 2020 and will still be available afterwards for viewing on the website.  The State of the Union is organized by the [...]

Covid-19 & Testing—Tools for Tackling the Pandemic

Residents of Florence and towns throughout Tuscany can now be prescribed free testing for COVID-19  by their family doctors (medico di base). With the Coronavirus emergency, much confusion exists around testing.  Who is eligible for testing, where does one go for a test, and even more complicated, what are the different types of tests? What are the types of tests for COVID-19? The pharyngeal swab consists of a swab of the throat to [...]

‘Suspended Bread’ during the COVID-19 Emergency

    “Those who can, may leave something, and those in need can take.” The message, written on the sign shown above, is clear to passersby. In these weeks of emergency in Italy, this phrase is aimed at those who do not have access to food. It speaks to those in financial difficulties who find it challenging to put together lunch or dinner for themselves and their families. This particular sign posted on [...]