DelBrenna Jewelers Opens in Florence

The interior of the DelBrenna shop in Florence

In the heart of Florence, just behind Piazza Strozzi, a new location for the DelBrenna jewelry boutique has opened at Borgo Santi Apostoli 45/r. With family roots traced back to the 13th century, and shops and a showroom long established in the Tuscan city of Cortona, Sebastian and Megan DelBrenna have set out to redefine elegance and craftsmanship in the city of Renaissance. From its inception, DelBrenna set out to be not only a jeweler, but a catalyst of connection, a place where beauty and community come together and flourish. “People are at the heart of what we do,” says Sebastian, and the jewelry reflects that commitment. 

DelBrenna has long been a family affair, with Sebastian’s father contributing his expertise, and Sebastian’s twin brother overseeing production. The family spirit is infused in the brand, and each member contributes a special piece of authenticity and integrity. Upon meeting Sebastian, who designs the jewelry, and his American wife, Megan, the marketing director, one can feel the congenial blend of warmth and professionalism, typified by admirable teamwork and a vision centered around their customers. 

The jewelry is entirely designed and handcrafted in their studio near Cortona. Utilizing a special process, chains are not made in the usual fashion, but by weaving each bead into place using a specific link method. Each collection varies in style and color, each telling a story. You can find the color that works best for you, from a selection of luxurious finishes: 24k yellow gold or rose gold; black and silver rhodium; and over silver 925.

The foundation of DelBrenna Jewelry begins with the four distinct chains – links, little donuts (ciambelle), beads, and cylinders – found in each creation, along with their signature medallion, engraved with fatto con amore (made with love). Glancing more closely at the jewelry, the collection shows patterns, revealing elements that can only be made by hand. When looking in the mirror wearing a pair of earrings, necklace, or other pieces, there is an unmistakable shine that adds warmth to the skin, and admirable craftsmanship.

Interaction with customers, many of whom become friends, extends beyond the shop through events like “Wine. Dine. Shine,” a creative endeavor that brings people together with a passion far beyond jewelry. These evenings have been organized in Cortona for 11 years, and reflect a ‘fairytale Hollywood event,’ which seamlessly blends jewelry, wine, and Italian cuisine. From May to October, Thursday evenings are devoted to adorning guests with jewelry of their choice to wear (purchase is optional) from the DelBrenna collections in-store in order to forge a dreamy experience sharing fine dining in restaurants around Cortona with specially selected local vintages. 

With their newest store location, DelBrenna plans to continue the tradition monthly in Florence in a venue nearby on the same street. The event will be similar to that of Cortona: evenings filled with elegance, charm, and conviviality.

The DelBrenna family’s legacy spans generations, a testament of their dedication and the art of jewelry-making.

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