The Reopening of the Bargello Museum and Brancacci Chapel

  Residents and guests alike can choose from several museums to tour that are reopening this week—including the Bargello National Sculpture Museum and the Brancacci Chapel. After a five-month closure that began with the Coronavirus lockdown, the treasures of the Bargello National Sculpture museum will once again become available to the public starting Tuesday, August 4 daily from 8:45 am to 1:30 pm (closed Tuesday except for August 4 as well as the [...]

A Date with David: the Academy Gallery Reopens

Beginning June 2, Republic Day in Italy (Festa della Repubblica), the Academy Gallery will reopen its doors to visitors. Florentines will still be able to view Michelangelo’s “David,” but with the reopening comes new adjustments and regulations to the museum. Perhaps most noteworthy, the ticket price will drop from 12 euros to 8, and visitors will be able  to download a new app called “The Right Distance.”  This app, created by Opera Laboratori [...]

Pizza for All: Solidarity in San Frediano & New York

Monday is pasta, Tuesday is stew and Saturday is pizza. San Frediano, one of the world’s coolest neighborhoods in Florence according to Lonely Planet, has rediscovered its spirit of solidarity with some its residents running to the rescue of those who, due to Coronavirus, no longer have enough money to eat. It started with an initiative by several Florentine restaurateurs who decided to help those in need––all of whom are involved in the [...]

How to Stay Fit during the Covid 19 Quarantine

Most people by now are suffering from lack of exercise and fresh air due to the Coronavirus lockdown, a measure that has just been extended from to April 13 as announced by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.  He has also authorized children and teenagers to exercise or take a walk accompanied by one parent close to home.  Those lucky enough to have a terrace might enjoy the small amount of open space it [...]

January 5 Free Museum Sunday & Davanzati Show

A number of museums in Florence and its greater metropolitan area are offering free entrance on Sunday, January 5.  The list includes the Uffizi and Accademia galleries; the Palazzo Pitti museums (all open 8:15 am – 6:50 pm); the Boboli Gardens (8:15 am – 4:30 pm); the Archeological Museum, the Bargello National Sculpture Museum and the Medici Chapels (all open 8:15 am –  2 pm) in addition to the Palazzo Davanzati Museum of [...]

Michelangelo Pietà Restoration by ‘Friends of Florence’

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore (the organization which directs the Opera del Duomo or Cathedral Museum) announced the restoration of a piece of art, an immense sculpture by Michelangelo. The project is being financed by Friends of Florence. Work will go on until summer of 2020 and it will be conducted behind glass walls so that visitors to the museum will be able to see all the stages of the restoration [...]

Free Week at Accademia Gallery

November brings a free week for visitors to the Accademia Gallery:  the museum is accessible at no charge to all from Tuesday, November 5 to Sunday, November 10.  Hours are 8:15 am to 6:50 pm. The Accademia is home to Michelangelo’s iconic nearly 17-ft.-tall David, as well as his Slaves, which line the hall to his masterpiece. Many people who visit Florence to see an exceptionally famous piece of Carrara marble think Michelangelo [...]

Cheap Access to City Museums: the Card del Fiorentino

The Florence Civic Museum System introduces “Card del Fiorentino” for those living in the greater metropolitan area: only €10 a year for residents to access three guided tours and unlimited entrance to city museums. October 1 marked the kickoff for the “Card del Fiorentino” that provides easy access to the city’s new civic museum pass for only €10 a year for Florence residents. This pass includes unlimited entrance to the civic museums, access [...]

The ‘Big Event’ Unites Students & Locals to Clean Up Graffiti

The October 2 “Big Event” to clean up Florence buildings from the effects of vandalism unites American university students, residents, and local businesses in one common purpose: to beautify and maintain Florence’s historic architecture.  The initiative is open to the public: those interested in participating are invited to join in at the meeting point, the steps of the Church of Santo Spirito, at 2 pm.  The “Big Event” will continue all afternoon, until [...]

Enjoy Free Concerts in Casa Buonarroti

    July 4, 15, & 23: WORDS AND MUSIC: SUMMER EVENINGS IN CASA BUONARROTI. Casa Buonarroti, Via Ghibellina, 70. 9 pm. Free admission. Music is capable of speaking without words, much like art. It only makes sense that a series of concerts named Words and Music will be held in the courtyard of a famed artist’s family home. The series will take place in Casa Buonarroti, purchased by Michelangelo. For the 28th [...]