Pergola Concerts: Giovanni Sollima, Beatrice Rana & Co.

The Amici della Musica will host three great performers: the Beatrice Rana, the Takács Quartet, Giovanni Sollima and Avi Avital from Saturday, Nov. 9 in a series of concerts from Saturday, Nov. 9 until Monday, Nov. 11 at the Teatro della Pergola. The weekend full of classical music will start on Saturday at 4 pm with the performance by the well-known musician Beatrice Rana. She is considered among the best pianists under 30 [...]

Friends of Florence Finance Horne Restoration

Bartolomeo della Gatta’s painting, San Rocco, 1485, recently received a makeover, and it’s been long overdue. The board the work is painted on is long and narrow, and pointed at the top, reminiscent of High Gothic artworks. It portrays Saint Roch, the patron saint of pilgrims, gazing skyward with an absent expression. In accordance with Renaissance style, his realistic depiction fills the frame as the predominant figure. A miniature angel flits overhead in [...]

Restoration of Botticelli Painting Reveals Secrets

Famous Florentine painters from the Renaissance era — they’re just like us! Even Sandro Botticelli, one of the most highly respected and admired painters of the Italian Renaissance, and mastermind behind the iconic Nascita di Venere (Birth of Venus), suffered from an affliction well known to many of us non-artistic, non-genius, regular people: second thoughts. Madonna con Bambino e Santi (1470) is a depiction of the Madonna, seated in the center of the [...]

Unveiling of Art Restoration in Boboli Gardens

On the morning of June 11, in the Boboli Gardens, an old masterpiece was unveiled as new: Giovanni Battista Capezzuoli’s statue of two children playing an outdoor game, Gioco della Civetta. The white marble sculpture, originally created in circa 1775, recently received a breath of new life thanks to the generosity of an American foundation, Friends of Florence. The restoration itself was spearheaded by Miriam Ricci, a professional specialized in the preservation of [...]

ORT’s Season Grand Finale Concert

Time is of the essence for Florence’s classic music lovers, as the talented Orchestra della Toscana ends its 2018-2019 season this Thursday, May 16 at 9 pm in the historical Teatro Verdi. The evening will showcase repertoire spanning several European musical traditions, from beloved pieces of the Romantic Era to a more obscure work by one of Europe’s most celebrated composers. The program will open with an orchestral suite featuring highlights from Bizet’s [...]

Fabbrica Europa 2019: An Avant-Garde Art Festival

Opening May 3: FABBRICA EUROPA 2019 PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL. PARC, Teatro della Pergola, Stazione Leopolda, Teatro del Maggio, Teatro Cantiere Florida, and Santa Maria Novella. Tickets range from €5-€25 depending on the event. To see the full schedule and purchase tickets, visit There is no official theme to this year’s festival, dedicated to contemporary performing arts, save for a sense of celebration for the foundation since relocating to its new home in the Cascine Park. All [...]

Sandra Muss’s Works Fly into Fiesole

The Belmond Villa San Michele in Fiesole is a gorgeous location on its own: rural, picturesque, and a beautiful place overall. With the new installation by Sandra Muss, the ambiance looks even more like it just came out of a fantasy novel. The first pieces lay along the driveway to the villa. Three towers of bronze and mirrored glass twist to form cicada wings as what sounds to be a chorus plays in [...]

ORT Concert Debuts a New Generation of Musicians

Orchestra della Toscana (ORT) is back with a concert again, and the protagonists just keep getting younger and younger: the ages of the newest headliners add up to a total that is below 50.  The ensemble and the soloists will perform at Teatro Verdi, Thursday, March 28 at 9 pm, and in Figline Valdarno (a small town in the province of Florence) on March 29 at 9 pm. The setlist reflects contemporary taste [...]

A Female Duo and ORT Offer Mahler, Schubert & Wagner

An incredibly talented female duo, Amelia Jakobsson and Eva Ollikainen, take the stage with the latest ORT production on Friday, January 25.  The evening features songs by Gustav Mahler, Schubert, and Wesendonck Lieder by Richard Wagner, a set of five songs for female voice, will be held at Florence Teatro Verdi (via Ghibellina 99) starting at 9 pm.  Coming from Finland is conductor Eva Ollikainen, who began her study of piano at age [...]

Accardo in a Special Performance with ORT

Renowned Italian violinist Salvatore Accardo will showcase his talent in an incredible musical production at Teatro Verdi in Florence on November 30, Pisa on December 1, and in Arezzo at the Pieve di Santa Maria on December 3. Performing both as a soloist and conductor of the Orchestra della Toscana, he will be presenting Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto 61, along with Schönberg’s Transfigured Night. Though a professional musician of 60 years, since 1958, [...]