“We do not copy, we create.”
-Rosanna Cirigliano, Managing Editor

Magenta Publishers was established as the first English-language publishing house in Tuscany, one that has continued to serve expatriates, students, and present and prospective travelers since 1991.

Headed by U.S. journalist and editor Rosanna Cirigliano, Magenta Publishers is the sole publishing company in Florence owned and run by an American. It was founded to start the quarterly magazine Vista, Florence and Tuscany.

Besides Vista, Magenta publishes a monthly events guide featuring in-depth reporting called Month by Month; books focusing on Italy from a bicultural perspective; and submits articles for our English-language column, Day, posted by the Italian daily La Repubblica on their Florence website.  The company websites are Magenta Florence in addition to Tuscan Trends; a third is in the works.

Our goal as publishers is to encourage cultural exchange between English-speakers and the Italian community through quality writing, photography and design.

Magenta team members believe in journalistic integrity, reflected by the use of firsthand reporting to produce original content.

As a professional and intercultural group of writers, editors, photographers and designers, Magenta aims to connect our readers to the Italian lifestyle in a way that is both compelling and easy to understand. By knowing which questions to ask, our staff is able to share their knowledge of what to do, where to go and how to get around in Florence and Tuscany.

Magenta is based in Florence, one of the most increasingly diversified cities in Tuscany. By responding to the needs of its growing expatriate community, we also provide relevant information about the practicalities associated with Tuscan living—from medical care and the ins and outs of getting an Italian driver’s license to understanding how to file a tax return from abroad.

Magenta Publishers Office, Florence Italy
The entrance to the Magenta office within the courtyard of Palazzo degli Alessandri, located on Borgo degli Albizi.

Why is the company named Magenta?

The same word in English and Italian, magenta is one of the four basic colors in CMYK printing, which is universally used to produce newspapers, magazines and other publications. Having received official recognition and sponsorship by the city of Florence in 2007, Magenta Publishers is in partnership with La Repubblica Firenze, The British Institute of Florence and AACUPI (Association of American College and Universities in Italy).

Executive Editor & CEO: Rosanna Cirigliano

Staff writers:

  • Rita Kungel
  • Anne Lokken
  • Elizabeth Wicks
  • Ellen Santucci Masi
  • Celeste Giampiero Collins
  • Elizabeth Berry

Staff photographers:

Magenta logo: Peter Fenger

Web & publications designer: Alessandro Naldi

Webmaster: Andrea Templari

Web planners: Aubrey Williams, Karla Gutierrez, Rosanna Cirigliano

Assistants: Remy Kuhn, Refugio Cruz